Art Management Agency Plus (AMA+) is a company run by Natalia Castillo Verdugo, bachelor of fine and visual arts, researcher, independent curator and cultural manager from Colombia, who through this agency offers her experience, contacts and skills to the cultural institutions, territorial entities and, above all, artists who wish to improve their position in the medium.

AMA+ emerges in response to the needs demanded by the cultural sector in the 21st century, which demands that artists are more competitive. From this perspective, AMA + offers tools and strategy packages that help artists to organize their information, optimize their work method, position themselves centrally and create new opportunities. Likewise, it seeks to generate a more active and direct communication between artists, institutions, galleries, collectors, curators, critics, the academy, media, sponsors and other agents involved in the dynamics of the art market.

AMA+ offers its services through three types of tools:

  • Strategies for online and offline positioning in the visual arts sector.
  • Writing, translation, and consulting packages.
  • Continuous accompaniment.

Each of these tools is composed of products and services offered in different phases, for which a specific duration is assigned and varies that depending on the needs and resources of the person who hires them.