Bison of Altamira /Rock painting, franco-cantabrian palaeolithic style

Artists have never gotten along with borders. Free spirits, transgressors by nature, come and go through real and fantastic worlds, their work being the testimony of that trip.

What anonymous being, more than 14,000 years ago, dedicated his life to paint bison in a cave in Cantabria, while his peers went hunting?

Museums, institutions, and social conventions throughout history have built walls around art. The artists at all times and in every moment have passed those walls, and that  is why today art lives not only in museums, but also in the streets and in nature. Now, in the 21st century, with the revolution in the media, art breaks out through the internet, creating a new relationship between space, artists, their work, and those who appreciate it.

“For art and artists, borders do not exist”, that is the premise, the guiding idea that has given life to our company: Art Management Agency Plus (AMA +) was born to deny the territorial and linguistic borders, promoting tools that globalize and make the world of art more open and affordable.