AMA+  offers artists and institutions a package of goods and services, as follows:

  1. Plan AMA+ full

That integrates all the main benefits offered by the company, ensuring the organization of the artist’s information and its positioning in the art world. The AMA+ full Plan is divided into three phases, however, if necessary, it can be extended to one more phase.

PHASE ONE: State of the art

General description: Research phase of the existing online and offline material, from which a general diagnosis is generated and the starting point is established. We proceed to organize the information and create the “existence map” of the artist and give practical advice from the beginning. The positioning and projection strategy is defined, while a presentation text (400/500 words) is delivered.

PHASE TWO: Basic infrastructure and complete presentation

General description: creation and edition of content for portfolio. CV, achievements and relevant moments, interview, article of approach and analysis of the work. Selection of relevant images and synthesis of the story in a video/trailer of the artist. Translation into English and Spanish of this material.

PHASE THREE: The Hub: operations, connection and distribution

General description: Activation and fitting of the positioning strategy. SEO, keywords, social networks and web page. Redesign and/or creation and design of web page and respective edition of its content. Final evaluation and adjustments.

  1. Plan AMA+ by phases

In this plan the artist or the contracting institution receives the same as in the AMA+ full Plan, only that the possibility is being opened to do it by phases, without these phases necessarily having to be consecutive (from one to three). Meaning, you can contract only  phase one, or, on the contrary, if you already have advanced material you can start phase two or phase three directly.

  1. Artistic representation

AMA+ offers the possibility of representing the artist and/or his/her work before galleries, collectors, artistic and academic events. It can be permanent or for a specific event.

  1. Plan PLUS


  • Plan AMA+ full
  • Extension to a phase four
  • Representation of the artist
  1. Other services
  • Digital marketing and network management
  • website design and operation (hosting and domain supply)